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When Are Maternity Photos Taken | Virginia Maternity Photographer

Ahhh, that beautiful pregnancy glow! While you might not feel your best throughout your pregnancy, Mama, you are BEAUTIFUL! And, like most, you might be wondering – when are maternity photos taken?! Every pregnancy and mama is so different and beautiful in their own way, but here are some general things to keep in mind when deciding when to have your maternity photos taken.

When Are Maternity Photos Taken

Typically, maternity photos are taken between the 30th and 34th week of pregnancy. I typically recommend around the 32-week mark. At this point, your belly is beautifully round and you are not thaaaaat uncomfortable, just yet. It’s that sweet spot where you’re still feeling relatively energetic and upbeat, making it easier to do most things!
The best part about maternity photos?! They are not just for Mama and baby. Bring your loved ones too! Including your partner and children in your maternity session can be the perfect way to create those beautiful memories just before your little one arrives! Having your family by your side captures all the excitement and anticipation as you all await the arrival of baby!
So, when trying to figure out when maternity photos are taken, be sure to think about how far along you are and include your beautiful family! It’s not just about capturing the gorgeous baby bump. It’s about documenting the love, JOY, and anticipation that fill your hearts as you eagerly await the arrival of your little one. And, how sweet it will be when they arrive!!

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As a Virginia maternity photographer, I LOVE seeing all the beautiful families come together to celebrate this exciting season! Whether you want to run through the fields at Great Country Farms or enjoy an intimate moment together in my fine art studio, I’ve got you covered! Can’t wat to celebrate your growing family!
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