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What Is Baby Photography? | Virginia Baby Photographer

As much as I love all the cute and tiny newborns, baby photography is just SO SWEET. Your little one grows and changes so much through that first year! From tummy time to the first tentative steps, every stage is a BIG milestone worth celebrating and remembering. Trust me, you will not want to miss a single moment!

What Is Baby Photography?!

3 Months

At 3 months your little one is exploring the big world around them. They will usually be propped on their tiny elbows, cheeks squished, eyes wide with wonder. Tummy time is a hit or miss for those little ones. Some looove it, and some not so much. But, that’s okay! I’m here for it all!!

6 Months

Fast forward to 6 months, and your baby might be sitting up with or without assistance! They enjoy all the colorful toys, and laugh, giggle, or smile at all the sweet silly faces. Your little one’s vibrant, full-of-life, baby is captured with their bubbly personality!

9 Months

At 9 months — your baby is on the move! They might be exploring the world of crawling, and all the fun that comes with it. Baby photography at this stage is often times on-the-go. We are chasing your little one around, catching their every move, and enjoying the world the way they see it.

12 Months

And then, ONE YEAR. The big year! Your sweet baby might be walking or standing, or maybe even running! They are almost entering the FUN stage of toddlerhood, taking those BIG first steps, and really becoming their own little person.
Baby photography is so much more than just precious photos of your little one. It’s laughter, it’s tears, it’s wonder, and it’s love. It’s memories of their entire first year. Baby photography documents the big milestones of their life, in a way that will take you right back to those special days.

Ready To Book Your Baby Photography Session?

So, is you are looking for your Virginia baby photographer, or newborn photographer, I would love to help you! You deserve to have these moments documented for years to come.

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