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My Child-Led Approach | Virginia Newborn Photographer

Are you in the thick of parenthood, planning your family or newborn photos, and seemingly worried about the dreaded meltdowns, tears, and nerves that can come with family photos?! You are not alone! As a Virginia family photographer and a mama myself, I absolutely get it. My child-led approach to every session is the secret! So before you cancel your plans for your family photos, just boom them. Your family deserves these moments documented!

A Look Inside My Child-Led Approach

My child-led approach has really allowed me to get all those candid, in-the-moment lifestyle images that we all dream of. Your little one will probably not be comfortable, they might cry or have that dreaded meltdown, or maybe they’ll be an absolute rock star from the second you walk in. And guess what?! It is all OKAY! Whether there are tears, laughs, smiles, screams, or kicks, it is absolutely okay. Especially during that toddler age, it can be really hard to get their attention. And trust me, it’s not just your kid—it’s all the sweet babies. They’re learning and growing!

I always encourage my families to lead with redirection and let them play, and they usually come into the photos on their own, finding something that captures their attention. Having the patience to play with your kids and get them to warm up organically always leads to the most AMAZING candid shots. The child-led approach is just that—child-led. I get down to their level and see things as they see them, without the pressure of force. They might warm up right away, or maybe halfway through. Regardless, don’t let the stress or fear of how your baby *might* act keep you from documenting their family. 

This beautiful family welcomed their second baby boy and is just over the moon excited to love another sweet baby. Big brother was SO excited and had the best time! My child-led approach helped big brother settle in and have the best time. This sweet family wore the most perfect coordinating neutral outfits, and Mama had the most stunning dress, similar to this one. This was perfect to seamlessly fit right into this room and still allow us to get those posed newborn photos we all love!

Are You Ready To Book Your Lifestyle Newborn Photos?

If you are ready for lifestyle newborn or family photos that feel effortless, candid, and natural, I’m your girl! Through years of experience, I’ve learned that giving the littles the freedom to get all their wiggles out, express their big emotions, and be themselves is the best way to get them to settle right in. Give your family the gift of family photos this year, Mama!Family share big smiles together for Virginia Newborn Photographer Young baby boy sits in basket for Norma Fayak Photography Baby boy wrapped in green outfit using My Child-Led Approach Baby wrapped in blue attire for Norma Fayak Photography Young infant wrapped in blue blankets for Norma Fayak Photography Baby lays on his stomach using My Child-Led Approach Infant baby lays down for Virginia Newborn Photographer Baby swaddled tight for Norma Fayak Photography Infant baby swaddled tightly using My Child-Led Approach Facial features of sweet baby boy infant for Virginia Newborn Photographer Baby stretches for Norma Fayak Photography Little baby features using My Child-Led Approach Baby boy sits in swing for Virginia Newborn Photographer Young baby in swing for Norma Fayak Photography Infant baby swaddled tightly using My Child-Led Approach Parents love on babies for Virginia Newborn Photographer Big brother loves on baby for Norma Fayak Photography Brothers love on one another using My Child-Led Approach Dad and mom love on sons for sVirginia Newborn Photographer Parents smile close with babies for Norma Fayak Photography Family loves on each other using My Child-Led Approach Baby cuddles close with mom for Virginia Newborn Photographer Mother holds onto baby boy for Norma Fayak Photography Mother loves on baby boy using My Child-Led Approach Mom holds baby for Virginia Newborn Photographer Baby boy smiles big for Norma Fayak Photography Older brother enjoys baby using a yMy Child-Led Approach Baby brothers smile together for Virginia Newborn Photographer Mom sits with sons for Norma Fayak Photography Mom plays with kids using a My Child-Led Approach



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