Motherhood & Family Sessions May 2022

These sessions will be held Saturday May 15 and Saturday May 28th. There will only be 4-6 slots each day. I want to encourage you to use the dresses from my client wardrobe or to follow my color pallet 🙂 so those who book I will hold your hand and help you with what to wear and styling 🙂 We’re going for a warm, neutral, earthy bohemian feel. Mommy & me, Maternity, family, milestones, breast feeding, are grandparents around? Cool- We can do generational photos 🌸

These are portrait sessions with a heavy emphasis on connection and emotion, all the in between moments, I want you side by side, hands on hands, cheek to cheek, fingers through hair, kisses on baby feet, smiles, touching, playing, hugging, loving, singing, twirling, swinging… all the things ❤️❤️❤️ these moments are for YOU.

Sessions are $575, includes 5 digital images of your choice that will be uploaded to an online gallery with 20-30 images. 5 additional images can be added for $300 or $500 for ALL. Session time will be 20-25 minutes so we have plenty of time to get cozy before the next client arrives. We will work slow but efficient and I’m so exited to offer these! Let me know if you have any questions about booking! or shoot my a text 703-220-5088, or DM me on instagram:

best phorographer studio family session northern virginia from Norma K Fayak on Vimeo.

Family Photographer, Norma Fayak, stands smiling outdoors in nature


Hey friend, I’m Norma.  Wifey, mamma to the best 2 boys a mamma could ask for. I love my cats and have a definite plant obsession.  I love my family and my life and have been so blessed with this crazy journey of art through photography.