Family stand together smiling and laughing for their Generational Family Photos

Generational Family Photos | Virginia Family Photographer

If there’s one thing I could shout to the world, it would be to let these generational family photos be the reason you finally book your family photos! Take the time to document your family, celebrate the beautiful life you’ve created, and bask in the happiness and love that fill the room. Your family deserves to be celebrated!

As a Virginia family photographer, not only do I get to document so many incredible families each week, but I get to do that in so many different ways. Whether it’s in my studio for a fine art maternity session or in the Shenandoah Mountains for an adventurous maternity session, they all mean so much to me. 

Insert this INCREDIBLE family.🤍

Generational Family Photos

Generational family photos embody everything photography is about. Documenting the people that mean the most to you in that exact moment of your life. Whether it’s a wedding, a newborn session, or generational family photos. Each season of life brings new people and deepens the connection with people already in your life.

I photograph this family every year, and this year was extra special. We intentionally took extra time to get the entire family involved, and it was beautiful! For these generational family photos, we had great-grandma, grandma, mom, and two daughters. HOW INCREDIBLE IS THAT?!? It brings tears to my eyes and fills my heart with so much love and joy. We aren’t guaranteed many things in life, so being able to spend as much time as possible with those that you love the most is an absolute gift!

This beautiful family wore coordinating neutral outfits that were perfect! Remember, your family photo outfits don’t have to be an exact match. Mix and match your patterns and textures, pick different color hues, or change up the outfit style. 

Are You Ready To Document Your Family?

So, whether you’re ready for generational family photos or just looking for an adventurous family photo session, I’m your girl! No matter the season or reason, you will never regret documenting your beautiful family!

Family stand together smiling and laughing for their Generational Family Photos Mom and dad love on their babies for Virginia Family Photographer Parents smile with their babies for Norma Fayak Photography Young girl smiles big during Generational Family Photos Family members smile and laugh together for Virginia Family Photographer Young girl shares a big smile for Norma Fayak Photography Parents play with their kids for Generational Family Photos Parents and kids smile big for Virginia Family Photographer Mom and baby smile big for Norma Fayak Photography Parents hold on to kids for Generational Family Photos Siblings share a hug for Virginia Family Photographer Dad holds on to kids for Norma Fayak Photography Young girl smiles big for Generational Family Photos


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