DIY barn wood flooring for photo studio

barnwood DIY project, Virginia photographer


racking up the barn wood, Virginia


Virginia photographer, traveling with DIY barn wood project


prepping barn wood for photo studio floor


drying out the barn wood for photo studio floor


prepping barn wood for flooring in photography studio, Washington DC


barnwood prep at sunset, Virginia photo studio


time to start sanding barn wood, Virginia photographer


sanding barn wood floors, Virginia newborn studio


selecting the barn wood flooring for Virginia photography studio


sanding barn wood for Washington DC photography studio


barn wood flooring project, Alexandria photographer


gorgeous barn wood for newborn photo studio in Virginia


barnwood DIY photography backdrop


painting wood, barn wood flooring, Washington DC


painting barn wood flooring for newborn photo studio, Virginia


painting prep work on barn wood photo backdrop


loving the saw mark cuts on barn wood photo studio floor


boards painted, set up in Fredericksburg photo studio


newborn baby boy on barn wood DIY floor, Washington DC


baby on barn wood DIY project, Washington DC
Family Photographer, Norma Fayak, stands smiling outdoors in nature


Hey friend, I’m Norma.  Wifey, mamma to the best 2 boys a mamma could ask for. I love my cats and have a definite plant obsession.  I love my family and my life and have been so blessed with this crazy journey of art through photography.