Mama holds little ones for Washington DC Newborn Photographer

Boho Twin Studio Session | Washington DC Newborn Photographer

Photographing this mama and her beautiful babies during their boho twin studio session was so much fun! I love documenting all stages of life for parents and their little ones, regardless of their age! If you are ready for some twin cuteness, keep reading!

This sweet mama was gifted this portrait session from another amazing client of mine! Her twin babies were born just under 6 months ago, and are just so incredibly cute! We decided to do this boho twin studio session in my white room. This is a small, closed off area in my studio with natural window light coming in. We gave the session a boho feel, and I loved it! The way the tones come out in this room using natural window light, as opposed to studio light, is a DREAM! These white room sessions tend to be a little more lifestyle-like, less posed or polished.

For this session, mama decided on dresses from my exclusive client closet. Her twins wore outfits like this from my baby closet, as well. While we tend to see mostly newborn photoshoots, don’t forget that your baby’s life can be documented at any stage! It is never too late to document their beautiful life. This mama wanted to capture their precious “twinny”ness and special tandem breastfeeding. These sweet babies often hold hands, and it was the CUTEST thing during their boho twin studio session!

If you are looking for a Washington DC newborn photographer to document ANY stage of your baby’s life, let’s chat! I am booking for all sessions this year and cannot wait to document your beautiful life!

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