Baby kneels on all four during 6-month sitter session

6-Month Sitter Session | Virginia Baby Photographer

Celebrating your baby’s first year is FUN! It is filled with countless memories and incredible milestones! From their first smile to those possible first steps. Amazing things are happening every single day! And, right around 6 months, your little one grows in bigggg ways. They are halfway to the BIG ONE and really becoming their own little person. A 6-month sitter session is the PERFECT way to document it all! So, why a 6-month sitter session?!

What Is A 6-Month Sitter Session?

A 6-month sitter session is a chance to capture your little one’s personality, rightttt when they are at a huge developmental milestone – sitting. Unassisted or not, this is HUGE for the little ones! They are gaining their independence and finally seeing the world, all of it! They are holding on to things, munching on everything, and really becoming their own little person. Not to mention, you have a 6-month-old!! You did it!! Celebrate your little one and yourself with memorable photos you’ll cherish for your lifetime!
This cute little one joined me in the studio, and we had SO MUCH FUN. Their little personality was shining bright, and they were almost ready to be on the MOVE! This sweet family has been with me for a newborn session, and a fresh 48 session, and I could not be more thankful! Having you come back to me time and time again is an incredible honor. And, getting to see your little one grow through the years is so FUN!

Looking For Your Virginia Baby Photographer To Document All The Best Moments?!

So, it doesn’t stop at newborn photography! Enjoy your baby through the year(s), and document as much as you can, whenever you can. You’ll want to remember these moments for EVER! After all, they’re only this little for a little while.

Young bay plays with blocks for Virginia baby photographer Mom lays with little one the bed during 6-Month Sitter Session Mom cuddles baby for Norma Fayak Photography Baby plays with blocks for Virginia baby photographer Young one sit son the floor during 6-Month Sitter Session Baby stands in bassinet for Norma Fayak Photography Young baby sits on the floor for Virginia baby photographer Baby kneels onto wooden box during 6-Month Sitter Session

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