Northern Virginia Photo Studio

Today, we are taking a peek inside my Northern Virginia photo studio. Now, I have mentioned that I have lots and lots of props. As you can see, I have many sized chairs in the studio. Now, some are used with newborn photos, as you see her. And, others are used for milestone sessions. Either way, we have a variety of chairs to choose from. Now, I also have pretty much every color of the rainbow in newborn wraps, swaddled, and blankets. As you probably have seen from my sessions, my colors are not bright colors. I like a muted, but colorful palette.

Also, I have so many headbands and hats to choose from for any newborn session, as seen in the photos here. Here, I have a rack of hanging hats, and many headbands displayed on my hanging wall units. Next, we have my several maternity gowns. Now, I am showing a few beautiful mamas-to-be wearing these. And, I have so many more gowns to choose from, that aren’t photographed here! Then, I have lots of bowls, buckets, and baskets for any newborn photo session for posing. To finish, I have a display area in my studio for my clients to view photo art that can be created after your session.

Now, before any session with me, my clients receive a prep guide. This way, it helps them to come prepared to my Northern Virginia photo studio. Here, I will remind them what they need to bring, and what they don’t need to bring. This way, everyone is prepared for a successful session!

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Family Photographer, Norma Fayak, stands smiling outdoors in nature


Hey friend, I’m Norma.  Wifey, mamma to the best 2 boys a mamma could ask for. I love my cats and have a definite plant obsession.  I love my family and my life and have been so blessed with this crazy journey of art through photography.