Northern Virginia Cherry Blossoms Photo session

Ah, spring, the most gorgeous time for photos in Northern Virginia. It will soon be time to book your Northern Virginia Cherry Blossoms Photo session! Here, you will see some examples of photos that your family can take to capture this beauty! Now is the time to book, since blossom prime time is the end of March/first two weeks of April! Please, take a look through these images, and send an email to book your session!

Here, we have lots of gorgeous families at their cherry blossom photoshoots. As you know, we are fortunate where we live, to have these beautiful spring blossoms to look forward to. And, we have options for your photo session. Now, we could feature some water and some cherry blossoms, for a different feel for the family photoshoot! Or, we could just focus on the trees and get many different angles and options. And, I love to get the blooms in the photos, while capturing sweet moments with each family. And, we could even capture moments like kids climbing trees! The sky is the limit with our gorgeous area, and the beautiful cherry blossom trees we can enjoy! Also, you could book a maternity photoshoot with cherry blossoms or a baby milestone session. Or, stick to the gorgeous family photos, to capture memories to last a lifetime!

Now, to book your cherry blossom session, please email to schedule your session now! To see other examples of my family sessions, please check here

Family Photographer, Norma Fayak, stands smiling outdoors in nature


Hey friend, I’m Norma.  Wifey, mamma to the best 2 boys a mamma could ask for. I love my cats and have a definite plant obsession.  I love my family and my life and have been so blessed with this crazy journey of art through photography.