Newborn Photographer Northern VA

Dear Avery,

You made being a newborn photographer so easy, your newborn session was full of many beautiful images that your parents will cherish for a lifetime and pass onto you and your children.  We sat here today with your mommy, holding tears back, and daddy, who sat next to her holding you in his arms, happier and happier with each image that came up with the biggest smile on their face.  Second to the actual session, sitting down to reveal the final images with your parents is the best part of scheduling a newborn session, and also maybe because I was able to see you again, and oh my, how much you have changed in two weeks! This is why your photographs are so important, your mother said today, “it’s only one time”, and she right. You’ll never be this little again.

Thank you for choosing me as your newborn photographer! Looking forward to a milestone session with you! There will be so many obstacles to overcome as you learn to roll, sit up, crawl and walk.  Mom and dad will be right there with you holding your hand and guiding you.  You’re the best gift that has ever been given to them, thank you for giving them the gift of being a parent.

Norma Fayak
Newborn Photographer Northern VA



Family Photographer, Norma Fayak, stands smiling outdoors in nature


Hey friend, I’m Norma.  Wifey, mamma to the best 2 boys a mamma could ask for. I love my cats and have a definite plant obsession.  I love my family and my life and have been so blessed with this crazy journey of art through photography.