Newborn photographer in Occoquan Virginia

So, as a newborn photographer in Occoquan, Virginia, I just love when I get the perfect newborn (and all of my clients seem to bring these perfect newborns to me )! Here, baby Jace came recently to my newborn studio, and this handsome baby was just simply awesome. Today, you will see some of my favorite images from his sweet newborn photo shoot, including his gorgeous parents!

Now, please enjoy baby Jace!

newborn photographer Northern VA
To begin, we started with a little pop of color, to really bring out Jace’s sweet little features. Now, I am not sure what I love more-those little lips, or his tiny hands placed on top of each other.
Mom and Dad snuggle newborn baby boy
Honestly, I am just truly in love with this image. Now, you can truly just feel the love in this family hug!
wide awake newborn in Northern Virginia  newborn photo shoot
Typically, as a newborn photographer in Occoquan, Virginia, I prefer my newborns to be sleeping. Beforehand, I give Moms and Dads tips on how to get baby sleepy before coming to the studio. But, sometimes, you just get those little baby wrinkles on the forehead, and wide open eyes. Then, suddenly, its a-ok for a wide awake baby!
black and white newborn image
Now, like most newborns, their awake time is short lived. Of course, since he fell back asleep, we were able to grab those sleepy images every family wants! Here, I went with a dramatic black and white for those tiny arms stretching in his sleep!
newborn photo shoot Northern Virginia
Here, we swaddled Jace up in a soft, navy blue wrap, and added some other blues in this wooden box prop, and captured some more sleepy moments!
rainbow baby newborn session Northern Virginia
To finish, we put Jace in one of all Mom’s favorite props…the bucket! And, added the rainbow blanket touch for some rainbow baby images. Now, as a reminder, for all studio newborn sessions, all props, wraps, headbands, hats, swaddles are all available to be used at each session.

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