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A Parent’s Checklist For A Fresh 48 Session | Virginia Newborn Photographer

Those first hours after welcoming your beautiful baby into this world can be…a lot. There is tons of excitement, love is overflowing, nerves are high, and time passes by in a blink. You want all those precious moments documented forever, but the idea of doing it yourself might be the last thing you have in your mind. That’s where I come in!

Fresh 48 sessions are taken within the first 48 hours after birth. It is simply me coming to your hospital or birthing center, during the day, to photograph those first few intimate hours of life with your new baby. I have created a parent’s checklist for a fresh 48 session to help you feel absolutely prepared and keep the moments as stress-free as possible. But, please know that at the end of the day you don’t need anything fancy! I am doing this session totally baby and parent led. I’m here to document your life, for you, always. 

While some hospitals do offer photography services after your baby is born, some might not have that option! I have been lucky enough to visit these where photographers, like me, are welcome to do fresh 48 sessions!

These are close to my Virginia photography studio, and easily accessible:

Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center

Virginia Hospital Center

UVA Prince William Medical Center

Stafford Hospital

Sibley Memorial Hospital


Your Checklist For A Stress-Free Fresh 48 Session

Now that we know where we can document your beautiful new little love, let’s dive into how you can prepare best for your fresh 48 session!

For The Parents:

  • Outfits: While mama is recovering from birth, I usually recommend a cozy athleisure/pajama set. But you absolutely have the freedom to dress up and be glam! Whatever makes you feel most comfortable and excited. The other parent can follow suit. Something simple and relaxing! Keep bright-colored patterns to a minimum, and opt for solid colors. Sometimes hospitals can have some fun wallpaper, so we don’t want too many distracting patterns.
  • Siblings: Siblings are ALWAYS welcome! Of course, this totally depends on hospital policies, but they are always welcome! The first few moments of a big brother or sister meeting the new baby are some of the most precious moments ever. 

Getting The Hospital Room Ready:

  • We definitely want to keep big distractions to a minimum! This can include that comfy bed a visitor may have made, or the giant recliner you’ve been sleeping on. We need all the natural light, so we will want to be sure to keep the windows open and free from any clutter. 
  • Those precious baby bassinets, keep it close! We will absolutely be using that, and if it becomes a hassle, no worries at all. The hospital bed is also a great option to get some pictures of the baby! Of course, safety is our top priority, so that is always taken into consideration. 

Getting Baby Ready:

  • What should baby wear?! Oh my goodness, there are so many cute ideas, the options are truly endless! Something like a cute knot gown and hat/bow set, a fun swaddle, and even just their diaper! Bring that outfit you’ve been dying to put your baby in. 
  • Don’t forget those cute bows or hats
  • If you’ve had the special name card/board made, we can absolutely include that! 
  • Some parents often like to display the babies birth stats. The hospital usually provides some documentation, but something like this is always cute! 
  • One way to really personalize the hospital bassinet, especially for the fresh 48 session, is using a cute swaddle! These can be folded and/or wrapped around the hospital bassinet mattress and really give a personalized touch. 

As a reminder, you absolutely do not need to purchase anything more than what you already have for your fresh 48 session. Anything you need, I promise you already have it, or the hospital will have it there for you. This is meant to be completely stress-free. Your fresh 48 session is totally led by you and your new baby, and I am there to document it all! Having a baby is a BIG, life-changing experience, and I am here for you! If you have ANY questions regarding a fresh 48 session or if you are ready to book yours, head here! I cannot wait to meet you and your sweet little newborn!

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