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A fine art newborn photography session is a beautiful way to capture those precious early days of your baby’s life. And amidst the chaos of all the things that come with a newborn, your newborn session can get lost in the shuffle. Here are four things to do before your fine art newborn session to keep your day as smooth as possible and allow you to enjoy the moment to its fullest potential! 

4 Things To Do Before Your Fine Art Newborn Session

Enjoy the Moment

First and foremost, enjoy this MAGICAL time with your newborn. These early days can be a whirlwind of sleepless nights and countless diaper changes, but they’re also filled with so much joy, wonder, love, anticipation, and excitement. Embrace the chaos and the cuddles. Enjoy every single moment and soak them all up. Time goes by in the blink of an eye! As a Virginia newborn photographer, I specialize in capturing it all. Whether you’re joining me for a fine art newborn session or a lifestyle session, those genuine, tender, and beautiful moments will be documented forever. From the tiny baby details to the big family smiles, your love with shine bright! 

Don’t Forget All The Baby Must-Haves

Grab your diaper bag and make sure it’s packed full of all the baby essentials: diapers, wipes, extra clothes, formula or food if you’re not breastfeeding, and anything else your little one might need. Having everything on hand will help keep the session running smoothly, and your baby will stay happy. 

Feed Baby Before the Session

A well-fed baby is a happy baby. Try to feed your newborn about 20–30 minutes before the session starts. A full tummy will make your baby feel drowsy and relaxed, which is perfect for those sweet sleepy shots. If your baby gets a little fussy during the session, don’t worry—there will be plenty of opportunities for breaks and snack times. I want this session to be as relaxed and enjoyable as possible, so we can absolutely stop for anything you both might need!

Prepare The Extras

This is where you can get creative, fun, and personal! If you have a specific outfit in mind, make sure you have the clean and ready to go. Don’t forget to pack any special heirlooms or specific props you’d like featured in your photos! And, as always, you’ll never NEED to bring any additional items. My client closet is packed full of anything and everything you might need to bring your vision to life!

Are You Ready For Your Fine Art Newborn Session?! 

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to remember to soak up every single moment. Relax, enjoy the moment, and cuddle your little one as much as possible. These beautiful moments deserve to be documented and cherished forever!

Tiny baby details of sleepy and well-fed baby following one of the 4 Things To Do Before Your Fine Art Newborn Session Parent and siblings love on new baby for Virginia Newborn Photographer Family hold baby close for Norma Fayak Photography Tiny newborn poses after parents followed 4 Things To Do Before Your Fine Art Newborn Session Siblings cuddle together for Virginia Newborn Photographer Baby sleeps in newborn wrap for Norma Fayak Photography Infant lays on the blanket after parents followed one of the 4 Things To Do Before Your Fine Art Newborn Session Young baby lays on the blanket for Virginia Newborn Photographer Sweet baby lays on the blanket for Norma Fayak Photography Infant is sleepy and well-fed after parents followed 4 Things To Do Before Your Fine Art Newborn Session Tony newborn sleeps in the basket for Norma Fayak Photography

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