3-Month Milestone Session

3 Reasons To Do a 3-Month Milestone Session for Your Baby | Virginia Newborn Photographer

Babies grow up so fast! One minute they’re tiny newborns, and the next they’re smiling, giggling, and showing off their sweet personalities. If you missed out on a newborn photoshoot or looking for another reason to capture your little one, a 3-month milestone session is PERFECT for you! Here are three reasons you’ll never regret documenting your baby with a 3-month milestone session, now!

3 Reasons To Do a 3-Month Milestone Session


Perfect Timing If You Skipped the Newborn Session

Let’s be honest—life with a newborn is hectic, right?! Between sleepless nights, endless diaper changes, and getting used to a new little family member, scheduling a newborn photoshoot might have been the last thing on your mind. The good news?! A 3-month milestone session is just as sweet! Your little one’s personality is really starting to show, they might share their little smile or adorable giggles, and all the little details can melt anyone’s heart! From those chubby cheeks to tiny toes, every moment (and detail) is a treasure and deserves to be documented! 

It’s Never Too Late to Document Your Baby’s Journey

As if I haven’t screamed it enough, you’ll neverrrr regret documenting your little one’s life. Don’t worry if you didn’t catch them right in those first few days!! There is no better time than NOW. Every stage of your baby’s growth is worth capturing. The three-month milestone is a wonderful opportunity to document how far your little one has come since birth. You’ll have memories to last a lifetime and photos you can treasure forever that serve as a reminder of how quickly time is flying by. 

Celebrate Developmental Milestones

At three months, your baby is most likely hitting some exciting milestones, too! They might start to hold their head up or follow objects, so there’s a good chance we can grab their attention with some fun toys. Whether we are documenting their little hold on their finger, getting those up close and personal details, or just documenting their irresistible smile, a 3-month milestone session can’t be beat! 

Are You Ready To Book A 3-Month Milestone Session?!

A 3-month milestone session is more than just a photoshoot; it’s a celebration of your baby’s life! So, if you missed the newborn stage or are simply looking to capture the sweetness of your baby’s life, now is the perfect time to book that session. As a Virginia newborn photographer who has captured so many sweet little ones, you’ll never regret capturing their life!

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