About Norma Fayak Photography

I am based out of Woodbridge, Virginia, and photograph families throughout Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland. When I am not working you can find me spending time with my two boys Brayden and Landon, or enjoying a great cup of coffee with friends. We love to travel and if my plate wasn’t full enough, I also design newborn photography props collaborating with photographers worldwide.

My first memories of photography were from an early age growing up in Anchorage Alaska. Every Christmas my parents would buy me a new camera, (mostly because I would break or lose them). I always carried a camera around from film, Polaroid, and point and shoot, I’ve had them all.

It wasn’t until my first son Brayden was born that my husband gifted my first DSLR. I loved being a mom and I was always posting pictures of him. That led to me taking pictures of my friends children and it had a ripple effect. My second son Landon was born 15 weeks premature and it was important to document this journey for our family.He was even the 1st newborn I ever attempted to pose. It was through this experience that I found my joy in newborn photography and the joy it would bring other families as well.

I had tons of support and encouragement from friends and family. Most of my portfolio building models were friends who recently had babies. That alone gave me the confidence without the pressures to gain experience handling newborns. I did almost two dozen portfolio sessions before I felt comfortable enough to accept clients.

I knew when Brayden and Landon went to school, I was going to need something to do to keep me busy. Newborn photography had all of my favorite elements -babies and art! I continued to invest in my business taking courses and workshops on posing and newborn safety. I became licensed and insured and set up a professional space for my clients with all of my studio equipment and large variety of handmade props for the style I offer.

I would define my style as rustic, vintage, earthy and warm using neutrals and adding pastels or subtle pops of color. And a session doesn’t happen without the use of my real barn-wood backdrop or old props i’ve collected from antique shops.

I specialize in newborns instead of something else because I’m a mother, I can relate to being excited to watch them grow and know that the newborn stage goes by so quickly. They’ll never be that little again, that word NEVER scares me, I want to remember them this little forever. I never want to forget. As passionate as I am about newborns, I’ve fallen in love with milestone, families and maternity sessions. It didn’t take long after my newborn clients starting growing that I realized I wanted to photograph them when they started sitting, crawling and walking at their first birthday or when they were expecting another sibling. As much as I adore newborns, I love having return clients to document their growing family.



•An Elite Member of the Motherhood Society
•Published photographer in Beauty & Lifestyle Mommy Magazine



I fell in love with newborn photography after my second son was born at 25 weeks in Fairfax Hospital. I felt documenting his first 12 weeks in the NICU was so important, I didn’t want to forget anything, I needed to capture his life and I used photographs to tell his story. Without them I couldn’t describe his story the same way as I remember it. We are human and naturally we respond visually and emotionally to things that we can see and relate to. I believe the experience gave me confidence to work with newborns and guided me to find my true passion of photographing newborns. Being a wife and a mother to two boys I understand all to well how quickly the time slips through our fingers and fades leaving only memories. The window for newborns is so small before they turn into babies that are rolling, crawling, walking and talking. They’ll never ever be that little again, and we can’t stop it, I’ve tried. I want to preserve that for you and hope you value this time in their lives as much as I do. I’ll be here to capture your growing family from belly, fresh 48 in the hospital, newborns, first year milestone sessions and family portraits.As a (new) parent you’re looking to work with someone who is cheerful, great with children and an experienced newborn photographer that you can trust handling your whole world. Clients say that I am passionante about what I do and it shows in my work.

~Anything that is worth doing at all is worth doing well – Phillip Stanhope